Our certifications

Organic Ecocert

Since 2003, Triunfo do Brasil LTDA has an organic certification issued by Ecocert. This certification is current in the Americas (NOP and BR), in Europe (EOS, equivalent to CE) and Japan (JAS).

Fair for Life

Triunfo do Brasil LTDA has held the Fair for Life certification since 2006. This certification is granted only to companies that value social responsibility and provide quality of work life in their workplace. They require the practice of good manners, and ensure employees’ rights to freedom of association either to discuss their work environment, professional issues and any social demands. The company is certified and audited by the certifier that implements all Fair Trade rules and regulations and also checks the company’s conduct towards the social, professional, and environmental work conditions.


Triunfo do Brasil LTDA is certified Kosher since 2009, confirming that our manufactured products follow all specific rules of the Orthodox Jewish diet. This certification is recognized worldwide and means a complete quality management.