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How is the production process of yerba mate after harvesting?

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How is the production process of yerba mate after harvesting?

We are at the beginning of our harvest season, but do you know what happens to yerba mate leaves after they are harvested?  Get to know more about the manufacturing process of our yerba mate:  

After being harvested the leaves are taken directly to the factory, where they go to the sapecador. The sapecador is an extremely fast process, where the leaves go through a high temperature cylindrical dryer. The yerba maté suffers a thermal shock and its enzymes are broken down, preserving its mild aroma and its natural greenish color, guaranteeing the quality of the product.
After the sapeco, the leaves go to the conveyor dryer, where they go through a slower dehydration process, with an average temperature of 95°, and much of the water present in the leaves will be removed.  
Cancheamento and Grinding:  
The cancheamento is done right after the yerba mate leaves the dryer. This process consists of grinding the mate into larger pieces. The term cancheamento originated from the word "cancha," name of the equipment used to fragment/grind already dried leaves and sticks.  
After the canchemanto, the leaves and  sticks are separated by a pneumatic separator, and then they go through the mill, where they are ground into smaller, standardized pieces and separated into their different granulometries.  
In this part of the process, the yerba mate is ready for consumption and is forwarded to the bottling. Different leaf levels are dosed, weighed, and packed. Therefore, finalizing the yerba mate manufacturing process.  
Now you know how the Triunfo yerba mate manufacturing process works!
We have been producing organic yerba mate for more than 80 years and exported our products for more than 20 years to the 5 continents. Our 100% organic plantation is in the middle of the native forest, and has about 2,000 hectares.  This way, we can associate the cultivation of mate with the preservation of nature, making the space more productive, efficient, and sustainable.  
Want to know more? Visit our website and learn about the advantages of adding the Triunfo mate to your products.


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