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Triunfo do Brasil Certifications

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Triunfo do Brasil Certifications

Triunfo do Brasil LTDA maintains its industrial facility at the city of São João do Triunfo, which is 130 Km from Curitiba, Paraná’s capital city.

Over 80 years of eco-friendly activities.

Triunfo’s yerba mate is attached to the native forest untapped by mankind, and preserved with no use of chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides). The leaves harvest occurs every two years, allowing nature’s regeneration and balance, preserving the natural fauna and flora.

The yerba mate trees from Triunfo are shaded by enormous Araucarias, our region’s tree symbol, what ensures a particular taste to the yerba, smoother than the rest. In recognition of the efforts made to preserve nature, the costumer’s health and continuously improve the quality of the yerba mate, Triunfo do brasil obtained its ORGANIC YERBA MATE production chain certification by ECOCERT INTERNATIONAL

Besides the Organic there are other certificates meeting social responsibility and aiming at improving its collaborator's life quality, such as Fair Trade USA and Fair for Life, and also the Kosher Certification, directed to the Jewish consumer. Triunfo cares about maintaining a quality productivity and embraces modern technology to guarantee the mate natural properties, the highest standards of its products to the fullest satisfaction of its clients.

Recently, it was recognized with the IG Mathe seal, which assures the quality and provenience of the yerba mate produced at the region of São Mateus do Sul. To achieve this seal, it is required to follow some requirements such as: production in a partially shaded environment; use of seeds from the region’s native trees, artificially produced in nurseries; and cultivation methods, such as spacing between the trees, soil nutrition and pruning.

One more guarantee of 100% organic yerba mate quality.

Nowadays, Triunfo exports 100% of its yerba to all five continents, and keeps a consistent and reliable relationship with its clients.


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