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What is Organic Brazil Certification?

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What is Organic Brazil Certification?

Do you know the Brazilian Organic Product seal? Do you know what it means?  The certification works as a guarantee that the organic product was produced, stored, processed and sold according to the organic agriculture standards. Learn a little more about the certification process:

The Organic Product Certification is the procedure by which a certifier, duly certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and by the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (Inmetro), assures in writing that a certain product, process or service complies with organic production standards and practices.
The certification comes in the form of a stamp affixed or printed on the product label or packaging.
In Brazil, the organic producer must be part of the National Register of Organic Producers, which is only possible if certified by one of the three mechanisms described below:
"Certification by Audit - The granting of the SisOrg seal is done by a public or private certifier licensed at the Ministry of Agriculture. The conformity assessment body obeys internationally recognized procedures and criteria, in addition to the technical requirements established by Brazilian legislation."
"Participatory Guarantee System - It is characterized by the collective responsibility of the system's members, which can be producers, consumers, technicians and other stakeholders. To be legal, a PGS must have a legally constituted Participative Conformity Assessment Body (Opac), which will be responsible for issuing the SisOrg."
"Social Control in Direct Selling - Brazilian legislation made an exception in the mandatory certification of organic products for family farming. However, it requires accreditation in a social control organization registered in an official inspection agency. With this, family farmers become part of the National Register of Organic Producers".
The importance of certification, besides guaranteeing the quality of the product to the consumer, is in the regulation of production processes and technologies necessary for the maintenance of ethical standards of the organic movement and credibility of the product and producer in the trade.


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